Fleet Supply Chain Management

How do we maximise our purchasing leverage? There has long been the argument that to gain access to the most competitive rates you had to contract with major suppliers. In theory this allows you to take advantage of their combined fleet spend. Our cost transparency model ensures that our customers have full visibility of all aspects of leasing companies’ proposals. Some customers can potentially benefit by utilising the purchasing leverage of a leasing supplier but by removing the middle man and the extra layer of margin to the suppliers’ rates our customers are rarely disadvantaged when the net cost of their “stand alone” spend is considered.

We have significant experience of running full and mini RFP processes for our customers. Using our team of experts many of whom have significant leasing industry experience we understand how to structure these documents to deliver best value for our customers. Minor amendments to terms and conditions can have a significant impact on customers’ costs. Whilst we focus on getting the very best deal we are proud of our industry reputation for achieving success by working in a spirit of partnership with both our customers and their supply chain.